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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fear of Driving - Here, There and Everywhere

Fear of driving is a consistently seen phobia.  But is it actually a fear of driving?  For some it is.  But there is often more to it than just that . . .

Fear of driving is often a fear of losing control, sometimes a fear of passing out and then getting hurt or hurting someone else, and sometimes . . . 

Fear of driving is not actually a fear of driving, but of being trapped in traffic, or at a light or on a bridge, with the feeling of not being able to escape.  

This driving phobia often starts with a panic attack, which subsequently leads to more panic.  The first panic attack may have occurred in a car or a setting where one felt trapped.  Once panic has been experienced, it generally leads to more panic based on avoidance around facing this anxiety provoking setting.  Hence, when one approaches this fear, they experience a huge rush of anxiety.

For those of you with fear of driving, just know that it is common and can be treated effectively.

If you do what is necessary to get past this phobia, you could be driving freely and enjoyably in a short while.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Extreme Anxiety Sufferer: Michael Jackson?

Anxiety certainly appears to have been a major struggle for Michael Jackson based on news of a "10 Xanax pills a night" habit.  Many anti-anxiety medications are addictive and only lead to more anxiety.   

A vicious cycle may have been created.  We may never know, but it is reasonable to assume that Michael Jackson began taking Xanax to control anxiety and insomnia.  This most likely led to addiction and a greater need for more to quell ongoing anxiety and continued sleeping problems.  

Did Michael Jackson ever seek Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to naturally help his anxiety struggles?  Probably not.  CBT is the only proven effective form of treatment for reducing anxiety.  Yet, there are many people who seek escape from anxiety through drugs and dangerous addictive medications.  It is so sad when someone dies from medication addiction when they may have been helped through natural therapeutic means.

We may never know the full story of anxiety and Michael Jackson.  However, one thing seems clear.  Although, at times, medication can be a helpful addition to CBT (for those unable to act on treatment strategies that reduce anxiety without it), escape through prescription medication is not the answer.  In fact, it can be a killer.

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