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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Phobias Can Take Many Shapes

Phobias can take many shapes. This essentially means that fear and anxiety can attach themselves to any stimuli, so even if you think your fear has never been heard of - think again.

Here's a list of some rarely publicized phobias:

Coulrophobia = fear of clowns
Ophidiophobia = fear of snakes
Astraphobia = fear of thunder and lightning
Trypanophobia = fear of injections
Anthrophobia = fear of flowers
Atychiphobia = fear of failure
Barophobia = fear of gravity
Bibliophobia = fear of books
Ephebiphobia = fear of teenagers
Genuphobia = fear of knees
Octophobia = fear of the figure 8
Podophobia = fear of feet

. . . and there are so many more. So don't be ashamed over what you fear. Phobias can take many shapes based on conditioning and other factors. It's what you do about your fear that counts!

Follow this link for information on how to break free of phobias

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